George Molnar

Known for his life-like portraits of the Navajo Indians, this Prescott, AZ artist is a champion of composition, detail, and communicative power.  His ability to hone in on the precise tone of a skirt, the fall of light on a smooth cheek, the silver and turquoise highlights of Native dress brings more to our senses than just paint and canvas.  Technically, Molnar commands superb control of surface and color, but the importance of technique fades as one experience the spiritual presence of his images. Yes, his canvases are precise, but the feeling he communicates is quite beyond description.


Molnar prefers to place his subjects in their natural settings: scenic landscapes, rock formations, an old corral, and he has painted some individuals many times over the years, showing their growth from childhood to adolescence.George draws his inspiration from many talented artists including his wife Marcia, son Ben, and daughter Shasta who all continue to blaze artistic trails of their own.  Capturing his perception of the spirit of Native American and Western life, Molnar provides a ‘window’ to this world and reminds us, “The painting reflects what is inside me, and how I felt about the subject.”

George Molnar

Available Work by George Molnar

8 x 10 inches, oil
$3500 SOLD...

Arizona Rose
9 x 12 inches, oil, $5,900 SOLD...