Vic Payne

Noted western sculptor and artist, Vic Payne has been sculpting for over 34 years. He was born in 1960 to sculptor Ken and Priscilla Payne. Moving to a ranch in New Mexico instilled in Vic the roots of the West and became central in the shaping of this sculptor’s character. His families’ ranching heritage, tales of Billy the Kid, the Lincoln County Wars, pictures of paintings and bronzes by Charlie Russell and Frederic Remington made the “Old West” come alive and inspired Vic to try his own hand at sculpting.


Vic’s distinctive style and artistic approach to sculpting along with his attention to detail is widely recognized as being imaginative and innovative, chronicling the life and era of our nation’s history. A sculptor of various sizes, including monumental bronzes, Vic’s mission is to lead the viewer through an emotional journey telling a story with his art. Whether he is creating wildlife, Native American or Western sculpture his passion is to capture the spirit of the West evoking the pioneering, independent, mystical spirit of the land and its people. Studying and drawing inspiration from Master teachers such as Bruno Luccesi, Lincoln Fox, Fritz White and the impressive artistic works of European Master Michelangelo has had a significant impact in his work.


As the demand for Vic’s work continued to grow, in 1991 he eventually opened his first gallery called Mountain Trails Gallery – Vic and his father, Ken Payne, were pioneers in an innovative concept of bronze sales through clay works-in-progress while sculpting in the gallery. This concept is now widely used throughout the Southwest Art Community by most sculptors.


Over the past 20 years, Vic has been commissioned to sculpt numerous monumental bronze sculptures for corporations, municipalities and individuals. Commissioned by Cabela’s, Vic has had the honor to sculpt several monumental bronze sculptures for their stores in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Texas, Illinois and Louisiana –

His work is collected worldwide and can be found in such notable collections as the Raymond James Financial Institue Collection –, the Booth Western Art Museum – and The Pearce Civil War & Western Museum –


By incorporating his passion to preserve the history of the West to what he studies and creates has proven to be a successful marriage in Vic’s career.


Vic and his wife, Angie Maria and family now make their home in Cody, Wyoming –, the home of legendary Buffalo Bill and the Buffalo Bill Historical Museum –

Available Work by Vic Payne

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Bronze, Edition of 35
29.25" H x 17" W x 12.5" D
$6,900 Limited time special price...

Bronze, Limited edition of 50
27" H x 33" W x 12" D

Clay model for Bronze, Limited Edition of 17
Call for size
Call for price ...

Bronze, Limited edition of 100
37"H x 23"L x 17"D

Bronze, Limited edition of 35
47" H x 33" W x 23" D w/pedestal base

Limited edition of 35, bronze
13.5"H x 17"W x 9"D, $5500...

Limited Edition of 35
16" H x 33" W x 13" D
Also available Maquette size 23"H x 48"L x 20"D, $16,500...

Bronze, Limited Edition of 25
36" H x 37" W x 19" D

Limited Edition of 35
12"H x 34"W x 8"D
$7,250, The North Winds of Chisholm - Masterwork available, Limited edition of 35, 23"H x 71"L x 15"D, $24,000...

Limited Edition of 10
31" H x 36.5" W x 24" D

Limited Edition of 30
39" H x 27" W x 22" D

Limited Edition of 45
23" H x 18" W x 12" D
Also available in study size 11"H x 9"W x 6"D $2,400...