Lisa Danielle

Living and painting in her Sedona, Arizona, studio provides artist Lisa Danielle with both subject and inspiration for her renditions of life and culture of the American West. Proximity to Indian lands, prehistoric ruins, and working ranches have, for the last 20 years, given Lisa an intimate knowledge of Native American and cowboy life so well portrayed in great detail in her paintings.


Danielle’s mission has always been to have her paintings tell stories of universal human struggles, traditions, prosperity, and spirituality that transcend time and place. And so her latest works encompass objects and traditions of other cultures n lands that seem far away, but actually reflect the migration of people and ideas, and the subsequent harmony of what we all intuitively recognize as ‘beauty.’


With all their technical excellence, Danielle’s paintings are lovely, and have found homes in museums collections and humble living rooms alike. For those who look deeper, a wealth of meaning awaits, and often her trademark-a star for some, perhaps a cross, a glowing ember, symbolic of that god given spark we all share.



Says Lisa of her fascination with this creative connection: “It’s a study of us all really, and worth a lifetime of exploring in paint.