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Lori Twiggs

Lori Twiggs is a fine art oil painter specializing in still life, landscape, portraits, as well as figurative work. Her focus on atmosphere, light and shadow give her paintings a sense of quiet drama.


Lori’s first oil painting experience began with a few private lessons in elementary school, the springboard that carried her art interests through well beyond school years and into adulthood. 

 As a young adult she had a short sabbatical to raise her family, but in 2005 she picked up her brushes and continued where she had left off only now full steam ahead and passionately obsessed with painting. 


At that point Lori’s style took a few twists and turns as she developed her personal style and voice.  She explored color from vivid to classic earth tones, atmosphere, depth, noise and quiet.  She also expanded from still life to explore the figure, portraits and landscapes but most importantly, the value of a strong concept in a composition through the use of light and shadow. 


A familiar thread started to run through each finished piece whether still life, landscape, portrait or figure.  Lori’s artistic voice migrated to dramatic illumination as a concept for a composition.  To paintings that are atmospheric with a focus on light and shadow that express a quiet mood, whether solitude, melancholy or romance.  It’s the quiet drama she’s after with a touch of elegance. 


A little backstory :

 My home is a small farm nestled at the base of the Cascade foothills in Washington state where I spend my time painting in my cozy studio and go for the occasional horseback ride.  Growing up on a small farm likely influenced my appreciation of tranquil settings and intimate nooks which in turn, influenced the peaceful nature of my paintings. 


A Peek at the Process:

I begin by setting up the still life arrangement with lights for cast shadows to best illustrate a concept. As I'm painting, I push the light and shadow for effect. Whether it's dramatic light, atmosphere, or both, if I haven't overplayed it, it's not done. This is where I take "artistic license" to its fullest degree of definition - keeping within the confines of representational art.


It can be a big, noisy world but it doesn't have to be a noisy castle.  You want Home to be your sanctuary; to reflect your taste and where you can turn the volume down a little.  Your home, your rules. Original artwork is an investment and you are not looking for the newest trend but a lasting vision.  You find yourself gravitating towards timeless elegance.  Tranquil sophistication. These are the thoughts I have as I'm painting.  I quiet the composition.  I reduce the noise.  It's what I feel called to do.   


My artwork sets a tone for the room it’s hanging in. Whether it’s a focal point to decorate around or part of the ensemble of décor, its personality is one of quiet elegance, creating a powerful statement or an intimate nook. It changes the way a room feels when you walk in. The real question is how does it make you feel? And would you like that feeling in your home? The pieces I have hanging in my home take me to a quieter, ethereal place whenever I see them.

Pansey Interlude by Lori Twiggs  12x16oilWEB.jpg
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