Michael E. Beals

Michael E. Beals is a metal art sculptor whose work is unique and intuitive. His designs are original, one-of-a-kind creations. Mike uses bells as metaphors for life, the passage of time, and a celebration of life. Ring the bell in the morning as a celebration of the day and ring the bell in the evening as a thank you for the day.


Mike’s distinct sculptures range in size from indoor entry way tabletop to outdoor garden pieces and all incorporate a ringable handcrafted bell in each sculpture. The use of stone and glass in his works connects our spirits to the journey of life. Each piece incorporates an item from the past and an element of the present. Mike gained his true love of the outdoors and creating his art forms from residing in the wilderness of Alaska for the past 15 years and was inspired by his older brother to begin welding. In addition to his brother’s inspiration of welding, Mike met with other artists pioneering the art form of metal sculpting which has led to his unique style. Mike feels art is an expression of one’s past and by creating metal sculptures he leaves his expression for the future to enjoy. Each piece is timeless.


Mike also works in Utah, close to Zion Nation Park, a wonderful land of color with spiritual inspiration.

“Each handcrafted sculpture is created from the highest quality steel. The texturing is achieved by using a 4th generation blacksmithing technique referred to as drip welding. The sculptures are colored by using a patented translucent resin that is baked into the metal so they are able to withstand all the elements outdoors without rusting or fading. I create 37 different types of glass that is incorporated into the sculptures.


Each bell is handcrafted from steel. The texturing is achieved by using a 4th generation black smith technique that I learned by completing an internship from a blacksmith in Germany. All the art is hand done. The bells are colored by using a special resin that is baked on, so they can withstand all the elements outdoors without rusting or fading. Each bell has two ledges inside the bell that the ringer can rest on so if it’s too windy, they can be quieted. Generally, it takes about 10-14 mph of wind to have them gently ring.” — Michael Beals

Artist Statement


“Ring the bell in the morning as a Celebration of the day; Ring the bell in the evening as a ‘thank you’ for the day. Enjoy the journey.”—Michael Beals

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