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Mountain Living magazine features the vibrant lifestyle of artist Susie Hyer

Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona is proud of their plein air painter Susie Hyer who is one of the highlights of this exquisite magazine's recent issue. "An accomplished artist combines her passion for painting and the outdoors to create thoughtful evocative canvases," begins the article "Call of the Wild" featuring Western artist Susie Hyer by writer Irene Rawlins in the September/October 2023 issue of Mountain Living magazine, going on to write, "Inspired by vast landscapes of the American West, Susie Hyer's paintings are meticulously composed..."

The recent article 'Call of the Wild' presents 5 pages of vivid paintings with an informative preview into this artist's passion and love for what she does best, and that is to capture paintings of Western landscapes that bring the wondrous world of nature from the outdoors into one's inner world and space.

Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona is also proud to announce that Susie Hyer will be one of their artists-in-residence during this upcoming Fall season where plein air painting takes center stage for this artist and more.

Desert Jewels by Susie Hyer, 16 x 16 oil available at Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona

September / October 2023 Issue with Artist Feature on Susie Hyer


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