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Shawn Cameron

Earning numerous prestigious awards over her distinguished 30-year career from acclaimed American Western art exhibitions, painter Shawn Cameron comes to her profession from several generations of an Arizona ranching family. The authentic nature of her subject matter cannot help but be informed by her own experiences, as she captures the feeling from important moments in her own life as well as from the lives of those who live and work on ranches today. Her paintings of cowboys, cattle, horses, sweat and leather, and long days of working the ranch fill her canvases with impressions that seems to exude the very dust of everyday life in which she is immersed. From reflective moments to high energy handling of the unexpected, Shawn is right there ready when a moment presents. This poet / painter, who so beautifully captures her love of the life she has been given, is grateful most of all to her family, friends and faith that help her create remarkable paintings for her galleries and shows, as all are honored to represent such rich storytelling work. Shawn Cameron’s oil on canvas paintings leave an indelible mark with the viewer as one is right there with this artist, seeing the sights, hearing the sounds, and feeling the excitement of a day well spent on a working ranch out West.

Shawn recently spoke to the Mountain Oyster Club's "Friends of Western Art" where her rich and nuanced journey of being a 5th generation rancher while also becoming an artist was endearing to hear, especially for all those who appreciate what it takes. 

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