Tobias Sauer

As a child, Toby would run out of his house first thing each morning and then spend as much time as possible in the outdoors of a small town in the exact center of Montana.  He and his father would bike, hike, hunt, and kayak, and after he’d filled his soul with its daily dose of nature, making sure that every surface of his body was covered in dirt and bugs, he would come in the house and sit down with his mother, who would teach him about creativity, color, form, and artistic expression.  When she taught him how to paint and draw, he would get frustrated that he couldn’t make things look just right like she could.  She would tell him, “These are 40-year-old artist’s hands.  You have little 5-year-old hands.  When you have 40-year-old artist’s hands, you’ll be able to do make it look just right, too.”


Toby’s hands are not yet 40 years old, but he has never stopped working to train his hands to make his artwork look just right.  To this end, he has sought out expert artists with whom he has studied.  He shares his art with others by participating in several art shows throughout the country.  His work can also be found in galleries in Sedona, Arizona, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, Billings, Montana, and Moscow, Idaho, where he now resides.


“My drive to create paintings worthy of the beauty of nature has caused me to look more closely at objects.  Trees, skies, antlers, grass, fur, and eyelashes must be studied and reflected upon in order to capture the right shade of purple or green in their light or shadow.  This contemplation of my subjects and their elements has resulted in a deeper appreciation of the beauty of life and the people in it.”–Tobias Sauer