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Month of November 2020

Reception: Friday, Nov. 6, 4-7 pm

Annual Sculpture Show

Featuring a collection of new works by award-winning sculptors working in traditional as well as contemporary styles from figurative bronzes that tell a story to more essence oriented and simplified forms. Enjoy wildlife, cowboys and cowgirls, Native American cultures, and historic subjects as well as new paintings by gallery artists.   

Mourning Doves by Raymond Gibby bronze e

2020 - 2021

Calendar of Events


December 2020 

Reception: Friday, December 4, 4-7 pm

“Treasure Hunt: Gems of Sculpture, Paintings, and Other Delightful Things” featuring special works of art by the gallery’s award winning painters, sculptors, mixed media and jewelry artists including bird paintings on gold leaf, one-of-a-kind jewelry with metal and semi-precious stones, gem-like still life paintings, miniature wildlife paintings, colored pencil paintings, unique wood and metal tables and sculpture stands, as well as a wide selection of small bronzes and small paintings.  

January 2021

Reception: Friday, January 1, 4-7 pm

“Made in Arizona” celebrates our beautiful state and those artists who love it! Featuring paintings, sculpture, furniture, jewelry, and mixed media objects that reflect the beauty of place inspired by the history and culture of Arizona. The treasures found in Arizona inspire those artists who live here year-round as well as those who come specifically to capture its unique character.  

February 2021

Reception: Friday, February 5, 4-7 pm

"The Beauty of the West" features artists who focus on all the visuals, activities, and ideas that are special to them about the American West.  Landscape artists focus on the beauty of the seasons, sculpture artists create stories unique to the West, and wildlife artists never stop admiring what they are fortunate enough to experience in their adventures.

March 2021

Reception: Friday, March 5, 4-7 pm

"Enclaves and Outlooks"

The American West is known for its grand vistas and colorful rock formations, its majestic mountains and desert valleys, its streams and rivers, and its breathtaking National Parks.  Mountain Trails Gallery artists memorialize the panoramas of the grand sights as well as the unique outlooks, including secluded enclaves that show their beauty, too difficult for an artist to pass up.

April 2021

Reception: Friday, April 2, 4-7 pm

"Out West: The Stories, The Land, The People"

For more than 30 years, Mountain Trails Gallery has been inspired by the history and beauty of the West, whether it is the legends of the Old West, the sacred nature of Native American cultural objects, the unique beauty of the landscape and its animals, or the historical narratives of its spirited people.  The gallery continues the tradition of offering paintings and sculpture featuring these stories, and the beauty of day to day life Out West.

May 2021

Reception: Friday, May 7, 4-7 pm

"For the Love of Ranching"

Featuring painting and sculpture by a group of award-winning traditional and contemporary artists who revere living in the American West, being in touch with the land, whether it be a backyard or a grand ranch.  Also presenting artists who love horses and wildlife who call the ranch lands their home.

June 2021

Reception: June 4, 4-7 pm

"Women of the West:  Inspirations from History, Strengthening Today"

Featuring artists who present their interpretations of the strength of women who settled the West including Native Americans as well as the pioneers, ranchers, and cowgirls of today who continue to leave their mark.


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