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Month of August 2022

Reception: Friday, August 5, 4-7 pm

Feathered & Furry Friends

Mountain Trails Gallery is proud to present a new exhibition “Feathered & Furry Friends” featuring a group of wildlife artists who capture the beauty and curious nature of birds in their paintings, sculpture, drawings, and mixed media fine art. Whether highlighting the delightful nature of these animate specimens in action or displaying their colorful beauty with a pose, these ‘birds of a feather’ artists express fascination with these avian friends in their own unique way. Also featured in the exhibition are remarkable mammals both wild and domestic that bring the wonders of nature to our attention by a group of award-winning artists.

 Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona, located at 336 SR 179, upstairs Suite A201 in Tlaquepaque, is proud to exhibit work by their more than 50 extraordinary artists working in painting, sculpture and mixed media fine art, as they all contribute to making this gallery a destination for collectors, enthusiasts, and visitors from all over the world.

Bunny Patch by Sandra Byland 12x12 watercolor, colored pencil
Ruby Throated Romance by Jeremy Bradshaw bronze WEB.jpg
Not Quite Ripe by Joe Garcia House Finch 8x8 wc
Raven Profile by Jennifer OCualain 5 x 7 WEB.jpg


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Reception: September 2, 4 - 7 pm

“Animal Nature: Wild & Domestic”

Seeing animal behavior in a parallel way to our own way of being, a group of artists are captivated by the lessons they learn from animals, both wild and domestic. Mountain Trails celebrates those artists as it continue to be a destination gallery for remarkable wildlife sculpture, painting, drawing, and mixed media. Whether it is the large mammals from the mountains and valleys of North America or the charming companions from the ranch, animals compel us to learn lessons and are given a place of recognition and honor by these remarkable artists.


Reception: October 7, 2022, 4 - 7 pm

“Colors of the West” is a celebration of the most lively time in the West  featuring a kaleidoscope of traditional as well as contemporary paintings which also highlights work from Sedona’s plein air festival artists. The gallery is delighted to include not only vibrant landscape paintings but also jewel-toned still life paintings as well as colorful sculpture by the gallery’s award-winning artists. 



Reception: November 4, 4 - 7 pm

“Annual Sculpture Show”

Mountain Trails Gallery in Sedona celebrates its founding more than 35 years ago and its continuation as a destination gallery for highly acclaimed fine art sculpture artists from the American West. Each year the gallery celebrates that recognition with their “Annual Sculpture Show” featuring traditional figurative subjects such as domestic and wildlife, historical narratives, as well as contemporary work by a group of award-winning sculptors. Included in the celebration are its jewelry artists as well as the gallery’s furniture artist. 


Reception: December 2, 4 - 7 pm

“Treasures and Objects of Delight” is a time to explore the wondrous work of more than 50 artists working in traditional as well as contemporary painting, sculpture, and mixed media fine art. For gifting oneself or others, the choices cover a range of possibilities. Whether the American West reflects a traditional or a more contemporary perspective, the gallery’s artists love to create, and the gallery is delighted to show off what is new and fascinating. Choices include smaller works such as gem-like paintings of landscapes and wildlife, commissioned pet portraits, life-like beaded still lifes, intricate colored pencil paintings, storytelling bronze sculpture, steel and resin celebration bells, one-of-a-king semi-precious stones and metal jewelry, and more. And, if size matters, choose from a variety of sculpture sizes from miniature to monuments by a group of award-winning artists.