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Month of May  2021

Reception: Friday, May 7, 4-7 pm

"For the Love of Ranching"

Features painting and sculpture by a group of award-winning traditional and contemporary artists who revere living in the American West, being in touch with the land, whether it be a backyard or a grand ranch.  Also presenting artists who love horses and wildlife who call the ranch lands their home.

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Mountain Trails Gallery presents

'For the Love of Ranching'

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Calendar of Events

June 2021

Reception: June 4, 4-7 pm

"Women of the West:  Inspirations from History, Strengthening Today"

Featuring artists who present their interpretations of the strength of women who settled the West including Native Americans as well as the pioneers, ranchers, and cowgirls of today who continue to leave their mark.

July 2021

Reception: July 2, 4-7 pm

"Celebrating Living Traditions in Art"

The beauty and timelessness of American art is celebrated by artists who love the land, the history, and the opportunities to capture living traditions as they also present inspiring ways to visualize the world anew, as seen through the eyes of masterful award-winning painters, sculptors, and mixed media artists working in a variety of styles and mediums.



August 2021

Reception: Friday, August 6, 4-7 pm

"Wings & Wildlife - Part I" 

Seeing animal behavior in a parallel way to our own stories, a group of artists are captivated by the lessons they learn from wildlife. Featured are avian centric paintings by Barbara Rudolph, Sandra Byland, Joe Garcia, and Adele Earnshaw; wildlife sculpture by Raymond Gibby, Bryce Pettit, and Mark Edward Adams; wildlife paintings by Jennifer O’Cualain, Corrina Johnson, and more. Introducing the remarkable wildlife painting by Doyle Hostetler.

September 2021

Reception:  Sept. 3, 4-7 pm

"Wings & Wildlife - Part II"

Featuring wildlife artists who work with sculpture, painting, drawing, and mixed media.  Explore the charm and charisma of nature in the bronze wildlife sculptures of Mark Edward Adams, Bryce Pettit and Raymond Gibby, in the unique colored pencil paintings of Sandra Byland, the powerful confrontation with the essence of animals in the wild by Doyle Hostetler, the charming wildlife character paintings of Michael Trcic, the delicate, intense life-like oils and watercolors of Joe Garcia, the color-centric birds and wildlife of Adele Earnshaw, the detailed desert creatures of Jennifer O’Cualain’s animal portrait, and more.               

October 2021

Reception:  Oct. 1, 4-7 pm

"Colors of the West" featuring traditional as well as contemporary vibrant paintings by award-winning artists Joshua Been, Richard Boyer, Betty Carr, Howard Carr, Bill Cramer, Michelle Condrat, Cody DeLong, Adele Earnshaw, Joe Garcia, Linda Glover Gooch, Jim Hagstrom, Doyle Hostetler, Susie Hyer, David Jonason, , Marcia Molnar, Jennifer O’Cualain, Shane Rebenschied, Gregory Stocks, and Simon Winegar.

November 2021

Reception: Nov. 5, 4-7 pm

"Annual Sculpture Show"

Celebrating the founding of Mountain Trails Gallery as a stronghold for fine art bronze, the “Annual Sculpture Show” is a long-standing tradition showcasing work by the gallery’s

3-dimensional artists. Works by the gallery’s furniture and jewelry artists, as well as selected Estate Art by prominent artists are also featured.

December 2021

Reception:  Dec. 3, 4-7pm

"Treasure Hunt:  Gems of Sculpture, Painting, and Other Delightful Things" Featuring special works of art by the gallery’s award winning painters, sculptors, jewelry, and mixed media artists including intricately beaded possible bags, detailed wildlife paintings on sandstone, steel and glass Celebration Bells, one-of-a-kind metal and semi-precious stones jewelry, gem-like still life painting, miniature wildlife paintings, colored pencil paintings, and a wide selection of small bronzes and small paintings.