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Month of November 2022

Reception: Friday, Nov. 4, 4-7 pm

Annual Sculpture Show

Mountain Trails Gallery in Sedona celebrates its founding more than 35 years ago and its continuation as a destination gallery for highly acclaimed fine art sculpture artists from the American West. Each year the gallery celebrates that recognition with their “Annual Sculpture Show” featuring traditional story-telling narratives, as well as traditional and contemporary wildlife by a group of award-winning sculptors. Included in the celebration are its jewelry artists as well as the gallery’s furniture artists.

Mountain Trails is also proud to welcome contemporary equine sculptor Lisa Gordon to the gallery. The personal ideas expressed by this artist are an important part of her presentation, and what the artist is conveying is more easily readable in the simplicity of the presentation. With the focus on horses comes a lifetime of fascination and passion for these mammals including her own experiences of having them be a necessary part of her life. The “balancing act” of living while keeping the horse at the forefront reveals a part of Gordon’s messaging. This artist seems to be saying that it takes a balance of playfulness, humor, and hard work for a successful life.

 Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona, located at 336 SR 179, upstairs Suite A201 in Tlaquepaque, is proud to exhibit work by their more than 50 extraordinary artists working in painting, sculpture and mixed media fine art, as they all contribute to making this gallery a destination for collectors, enthusiasts, and visitors from all over the world.

Fox Trot bronze by Jeremy Bradshaw shows a prancing, dancing red fox intent upon what has caught his eye.  With exceptional patina work, wildlife sculpture by Jeremy Bradshaw is available through Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona.
Big Iron by Raymond Gibby bronze pays tribute to the Marty Robbins ballad of an Arizona ranger who has a fateful duel with the notorious outlaw Texas Red.  Gibby also pays tribute to the men and women who are in harm's way every day to protect and serve.  Sculpture available at Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona
Buckaroo II, a limited edition bronze of a horse balancing on a ball on one leg, by Lisa Gordon "speaks" about the artists fascination with horses that has developed into an art form of personal metaphors that also share the artist's sense of humor.  Available at Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona
Thunder Road, a contemporary bronze sculpture of an American buffalo / bison with a powerful, enduring presence by Western wildlife sculptor Mark Edward Adams is available at Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona.


Calendar of Events 


Reception: December 2, 4 - 7 pm

“Treasures and Objects of Delight” is a time to explore the wondrous work of more than 50 artists working in traditional as well as contemporary painting, sculpture, and mixed media fine art. For gifting oneself or others, the choices cover a range of possibilities. Whether the American West reflects a traditional or a more contemporary perspective, the gallery’s artists love to create, and the gallery is delighted to show off what is new and fascinating. Choices include smaller works such as gem-like paintings of landscapes and wildlife, commissioned pet portraits, life-like beaded still lifes, intricate colored pencil paintings, storytelling bronze sculpture, steel and resin celebration bells, one-of-a-kind semi-precious stones and metal jewelry, and more. And, if size matters, choose from a variety of sculpture sizes from miniature to monuments by a group of award-winning artists. 


Reception: January 6, 4 - 7 pm

“Arizona Creates: From the Dramatic to the Sublime" shines a light on Arizona artists as well as those artists who come to be immersed in and capture its unique qualities. The awe inspiring natural beauty of the Grand Canyon state with so many things to offer are all compelling for artists who live in Arizona and for those who come to the 48th state to find their muse. Artists are enthralled with its spectacular sunrises and sunsets, its variety of terrain, especially the unique red rocks, its multitude of National Parks, Native American tribal cultures, Old West history, diverse music, wineries, its wildlife including being a haven for birding, and so much more. This exhibition focuses on paintings, sculpture, and mixed media fine art that express what makes Arizona a destination for people from all over the world.


Reception: February 3, 4 - 7 pm

"Native American Inspired: Still Lifes and Figurative Stories" celebrates artists who create remarkable paintings, sculpture, and mixed media fine art inspired by artifacts and objects as well as ceremonies, gatherings, and traditions.  Inspiration from Pueblo and tribal cultures that bring old and new stories from their remarkable legacy are featured in a variety of still lifes, figurative characters, and the historic stories of the people as told by the gallery's award-winning artists.

MARCH 2023

Reception: March 3, 4 - 7 pm

"On the Trail: Landscapes that Speak" features contemporary and traditional award-winning artists that are on the trail in search of new sights that inspire. Bringing a reminder to go out and enjoy nature, these artists share their love of the Grand Canyon, Sonoran Desert, wine country vineyards, alpine vistas, and their favorite Sedona destinations such as Cathedral Rock, Oak Creek Canyon, Slide Rock, Tlaquepaque, as well as Marble Canyon,  Monument Valley, and neighboring Chaco Canyon, the deserts and cultures of New Mexico, and mountains and valleys of Colorado. From hiking trails to grand vistas, the landscapes of the West speak volumes from all these artist who inspire with their discoveries and particular ways of painting.