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Month of April 2024

Reception: Friday April 5, 4-7 pm

Two Worlds:  Contemporary & Traditional


KudosAZ Arts, Culture, Entertainment magazine, 4/3/24 issue

Mountain Trails Gallery is delighted to present Two Worlds: Contemporary and Traditional which opens with a reception on 1st Friday, April 5th, from 4-7pm at their location in the Village of Tlaquepaque in Sedona.  The focus of the exhibition is on artists who see space, shape, color, and form in a variety of ways.  No matter if the visual preference is a traditional one or more contemporary, the exhibition offers a dynamic display of artists who present their unique ways of seeing things.


It is said certain Native American cultures refer to ‘shapeshifting’ as moving between the worlds, between the seen and the unseen, and there are artists whose form and content moves back and forth, as some make certain elements more dominant, while others make both worlds equal in focus. From the underlying geometry in nature to the complex, detailed stories of Western history, these artists seek to express the essence of their subjects using the wide-open spaces and the multi-faceted cultures that make the American West their home. 

Mountain Trails Gallery is delighted to welcome Nevada/Arizona contemporary artist Caroline Kwas to their 1st Friday celebration.  Originally from Long Island, New York, Caroline speaks about her transformation, “I remember standing spellbound many nights when I first arrived in Arizona’s Sonoran Desert.  Where had I ever seen this much space?  The vast expanses of the Southwest required a shift in my perspective once confronted by these awe-inspiring vistas.  A purely realistic approach was not going to express the breathtaking spaces I felt here.  It was then and there that I began my artistic transformation from photorealism into vibrantly colored, joyful contemporary realism inspired by the breathtaking vistas and sunsets of the American southwest.”

IMAGES:  Fiesta 40 x 20 and Roll Out the Red Carpet both hand embellished giclee on canvas by Caroline Kwas  

Fiesta by Caroline Kwas 40x20 embelished Giclee WEB.jpg
Roll Out the Red Carpet by Caroline Kwas 20x24 embelished Giclee PRICE WEB.jpg

2024 Calendar of Events

MAY 2024:

Reception: Friday, May 3, 4-7pm

May 2024:  Horses & Friends of Horses & Places to Play features artists who are passionate about the compelling nature of this exquisite animal as they seek to express their love and fascination with this mammal’s grace, beauty, spirit, and freedom.  Also, a part of the celebration focuses on the roles of the horse which played a part in the history of the American West, especially in ranching as well as Native American cultures.  This delightful celebration at Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona also includes uplifting ranch and farm animals that have made friends with the horse as well as landscapes that call everyone to go outside and play.  SPECIAL FEATURES:  Paintings by SHERRY COBB-KELLEHER, SHARON MARKWARDT, LORI TWIGGS, & ANS CARNES

JUNE 2024

Reception: Friday, June 7, 4-7pm

Women of the West - Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona is proud to present painting, sculpture, and mixed media fine art with a spotlight on women taking the lead.  Many of the gallery’s award-winning artists have been drawing, painting, or making forms out of clay since early in their childhood, while others picked up the tools of their trade later in life, sometimes out of necessity, and often as an inexplicable drive to express what these artists needed to say.  The creative impulse seems to be a human endeavor, and women artists have been historic participants in creative expression with a growing prominence in the profession.  Whether it is the physical energy needed in creating monumental sculpture, working on large complex canvases, presenting original and intricate mixed media, or the prolonged stamina of long hours in the studio while juggling all facets of life, all these artists have their stories to tell in search of renewal and inspiration.  Mountain Trails Gallery is proud to represent more than twenty women working in a variety of styles and subjects that express their place in this celebration of the American West. 

JULY 2024

Reception: Friday, July 5, 4-7pm

July 2024: Summer Group Show - Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona is proud to celebrate their 40+ years as a destination fine art gallery with their Summer Group Show which includes more than 40 award-winning artists who present compelling pieces that shine a light on the variety of work that is available during this festive month of July. With an emphasis on traditional as well as contemporary painting, sculpture, and mixed media work, the gallery’s offerings continue to draw visitors from the region and from all over the globe.  The exhibition will include a variety of subjects and mediums as each artist offers their talents and unique ways of expressing in this sparkling and compelling lineup of work.  


Reception: Friday, August 2, 4-7pm

Cultures of the West – Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona is delighted to shine a light on artists who live and work knowing Western ways so well, especially ranching life, and the exhibition focuses on artists who bring a variety of expressions related to Native American cultures of the West.   


Reception: Friday, September 6, 4-7pm

Wild at Heart – Celebrate with artists at Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona who are passionate animaliers and love observing wildlife in their habitat as they capture a variety of their characteristics that bring fascination and joy to the observer.  Also featured are a group of avian artists who find extraordinary beauty in colorful behavior whether portrayed in simplistic or complex ways.  Included are several artists who are wild at heart in painting landscapes and florals that seem to have a life of their own as the artists express nature’s way of being through their own creative eyes. 


Reception: Friday, October 4, 4-7pm

Colors of the West - Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona is proud to present their annual exhibition Colors of the West which features contemporary and traditional paintings that focus on vibrant landscapes, colorful still lifes, complex portraits, and dynamic floral paintings by the gallery’s award-winning artists.  From plein air, to expressionistic, to contemporary geometric, to realistic ways of seeing, each of these artists brings their own vision that makes their mark of beauty upon the West.  Also, colorful patinas in a variety of works by sculpture artists will also be featured. 


Reception: Friday, November 1, 4-7pm

Small Works Group Show – Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona is delighted to present paintings, sculpture, and mixed media work, including works on paper, by some of the gallery’s award-winning artists.  A bounty of choices and sizes, with a focus on small works of fine art in a variety of compelling subjects, will be available during this traditional season of collecting.  



Reception: Friday, December 6, 4-7pm

Gems & Treasures - Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona celebrates the extraordinary Gems & Treasures of the new season which begins with a bounty of choices in paintings, sculptures, and mixed media art including jewelry, furniture, and delightful surprises.  Reception: 12/6, 4-7pm


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