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Month of March 2023

Reception: Friday, March 3, 4-7 pm


Landscapes that Speak 

"On the Trail: Landscapes that Speak" features contemporary and traditional award-winning artists that are on the trail in search of new sights that inspire. Bringing a reminder to go out and enjoy nature, these artists share their love of the Grand Canyon, Sonoran Desert, wine country vineyards, alpine vistas, and their favorite Sedona destinations such as Cathedral Rock, Oak Creek Canyon, Slide Rock, Tlaquepaque, as well as Marble Canyon,  Monument Valley, and neighboring Chaco Canyon, the deserts and cultures of New Mexico, and mountains and valleys of Colorado. From hiking trails to grand vistas, the landscapes of the West speak volumes from all these artist who inspire with their discoveries and particular ways of painting. 

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Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona is thrilled to have Cowboy Artists of American member Dustin Payne in our gallery for the winter season who will be creating a new sculpture in our gallery.  Also, so many remarkable works of art by this talented artist have arrived!

Shawl Dancer detail Dustin Payne CC.jpg
Lipan Lookout by Michelle Condrat 11x14 oil
Journey into Sunset by LG Gooch 20x24 oil on linen WEB.jpg
Bring on the Light by Susie Hyer 15x13 oil on masonite web.jpg


Calendar of Events 

APRIL 2023 

Reception, Friday, April 7, 4-7pm

"Color Up: Highlights of the Spectrum" celebrates the element of color in paintings, sculpture, and mixed media fine art. As the gallery shines a light on their award-winning artists, the fascination with people, places, animals, objects, nature, and weather reveal these artists certainly have fun doing what they love. For several of the gallery's artists, hiking and climbing is serious fun in order to catch the colorful early light of dawn or the drama of storms, and they celebrate the triumph of reaching special points of interest to watch intensely colorful sunrises and sunsets. Bronze artists also love the serious fun of working with a variety of patinas as they create storytelling sculptures with dramatic touches of color and more. Mastery of hue, light, and saturation in a variety of mediums as they share storytelling art with others is a part of the delight for the remarkable artists featured in this exhibition.


MAY 2023

Reception: Friday, May 5, 4-7pm

"Horses & Friends" features sculpture, paintings, and mixed media fine art that express the many ways in which a horse has achieved a place of honor in history and in our lives. From objects of sheer beauty to helping settle the West, as partners in ranching and farming, as interpersonal therapeutic assistants, as devoted companions, and as symbols of spirit and remarkable values, horses have earned their rightful place. Horses also attract a variety of friends such as the donkey, goats, dogs, cats, birds and, of course, horse people from all walks of life who have a calling to bond with this sensitive animal.


JUNE 2023

Reception: Friday, June 2, 4-7pm

"Summer Group Show" celebrates more than 50 award-winning artists represented at Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona. This longtime destination gallery for fine art with an emphasis on Western painting and sculpture began more than 35 years ago in Tlaquepaque and continues to draw visitors from the region and from all over the globe. The exhibition will include a variety of mediums as each artists offers their talents and unique ways of expressing in a sparkling and compelling lineup of work.


JULY 2023

Reception: Friday, July 7, 4-7pm

"Traditional & Contemporary Sculpture" focuses on a group of bronze artists who are passionate about this 3-dimensional medium. These remarkable artists are unstoppable creators even though this profession requires a particular combination of qualities, including a physical, mental, and a spiritual dedication to all that goes into being a bronze artist. The exhibition features traditional figurative storytelling sculpture, including historic representational work, and it also includes contemporary approaches to a variety of subjects including animals both wild and domestic. New paintings and mixed media fine art are also included in the mix.



Reception: Friday, August 4, 4-7pm

"Ranch Life is the Good Life" focuses on figurative painting and sculpture that pays tribute to the artists' experiences with a variety of ranching, farming, and cowboy/cowgirl traditions, including landscapes that are wide- opens spaces and pastoral scenes of beauty from the West.



Reception: Friday, September 1, 4-7pm

"Call of the Wildlife" featuring artists in pursuit of the magnificence of wildlife in painting, sculpture, and mixed media fine art. Several artists also present a delightful side of animal and bird couples as well as the humorous side of their critters and feathered friends that make this focus on wildlife one of the most popular of the year.



Reception: Friday, October 6, 4-7pm

"Colors of the West" highlights not only landscape paintings but also colorful still life paintings by the gallery’s award-winning artists. The exhibition features traditional as well as contemporary paintings by artists that focus on the new American West. From plein air, to expressionistic, to contemporary geometric, to realistic ways of seeing, each of these artists brings their own vision that brings the beauty of the West to life. 


Friday, October 27

Saturday, October 28 


Friday, October 27

Saturday, October 28 

Times to be announced



Reception: Friday, November 3, 4-7pm

"Cody DeLong:  Painting the Miles Between" brings together a colorful body of work by this award-winning artist that expresses the recollections and reflections of the American West as he travels the countryside here and in Europe in search of life in the mountains, deserts, and cities that have left vibrant lasting impressions.    


"Small Works Show" is also featured during this festive month with the utmost of choices and sizes of work during this traditional season of collecting. The gallery's painting artists are more than delighted to shine a light on so many compelling subjects. Also new sculpture by the gallery's bronze artists are also featured.


November 2 - 4, 2023

Times to be announced



Reception: Friday, December 1, 4-7pm

"Magic of Winter: A Treasure Hunt of Beautiful Things" begins the new season of celebrations  with a bounty of choices in paintings, sculptures, and mixed media art including jewelry, furniture, and delightful surprises.

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