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Limited Edition Prints on Canvas

Our artists are proud to offer a selection of limited edition giclée prints on canvas made from their original works of art.   The process of creating a giclée ( zhee-KLAY ) uses pigments, instead of dyes, and are a high-quality archival print.   A giclée print on canvas has all the richness of color and line, and sometimes even the brush strokes, that resembles the original painting or drawing.

More information on each of these artists can be found on our website's artist pages. 

Click on the names below:

Marcia Molnar, George Molnar, Maria D'Angelo, Sherry Cobb-KelleherCarolina Kwas 

To see more of an artist's work, please contact us by using the chat box below,

or call 800-527-6556 . 928-282-3225, or email inquiries to

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