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Marcia Molnar

From Marcia Molnar’s first memories, she has thought of herself as an artist. Her father, Jay Schmidt, was an artist and a gallery owner, therefore art materials and art books were readily available. Marcia has taken a few art classes but for the most part her training came naturally from day to day surroundings and meeting other artists. She met her artist husband, George Molnar, when she was fourteen and was married at nineteen. George was already painting when they moved to Carmel, CA, where her father had started the New Masters Gallery. There, both Marcia and George learned about the business of selling their work. After a few years George wanted to be near the subject matter he loved and so they moved again, this time to central Arizona. By this time they had two children, Ben and Shasta. Marcia was painting commissioned portraiture but she began to feel confined to this, so she decided to branch out to a more broad subject matter.


Marcia now paints whatever inspires her. She explains that, Arizona has so much to choose from, the sky, the Grand Canyon, the desert, it’s always a surprise to her what shows up on her easel. Marcia loves the things close to home as much as a beautiful sunset. What will be next? Her roses, the neighbor’s cat, or a colorful pear? The important thing to Marcia is to share her experience. She wants people to see the things she loves about her life.

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