Gregory Stocks

Gregory Stocks has been a professional exhibiting artist since 1998 and is recognized for his combination of classical representation and contemporary execution.  In a light, fast pace he lays down bold, flat-edged brushstrokes using rich earth tones.  His style is stark, with a clean, contemporary feel. His scenes are a combination of memories and imagination… intended to relate not so much a place as “a place in one’s heart and emotions”.


Arriving in Utah in 1981, the artist attended Utah State University where he earned a Bachelors Degree in commercial art and illustration, and continued living and working in Utah until moving to Arizona in 2016. Stocks has been included in publications such as Southwest Art Magazine and American Art Collector.  In addition to exhibiting at the US Embassy in Brussels, Belgium in 2005, his work is included in many private and public collections throughout the US and abroad.


Artist Statement

My work is an effort to create images that serve as emotional detours from the noise and confusion of the surrounding world. I find the process of painting to be similar to that of writing a song. There is a basic structure or rhythm to the work. The melody comes into play in the form of color, brushwork and the expressive possibilities of process. 

~Gregory Stocks

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