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Jim Hagstrom

Jim is an artist who lives and paints in Cody, Wyoming -his native hometown. His love for the area is evident in the subject matter of his artwork.


Over the years his personal style has had variations but they have always demanded people’s attention. His unique and nonrestrictive style in compositions is achieved with both the palette knife and brush.


Many of his inspirations come from his surroundings. These include his highly textured “Desert Scenes and Indian Ruins” from Arizona where he lived for a period of time in his life. He includes, “Rodeo, Wildlife, Native Americans and Landscape paintings”, which are so much a part of Wyoming.


Jim loves to venture out of his studio to investigate and capture the effects of sunlight and how different times of the day affect a subject. Wyoming is a perfect state to do this because of the beautiful, ever changing skies, mountains and high deserts. The changing light, cold and heat, blowing dirt, leaves and flying bugs all add to the emotion, energy and texture of his paintings.

Through the years his art has been shown in various galleries in Wyoming, New Mexico, Montana, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho and Virginia. He has received many awards at various art shows throughout his career.


Jim’s art has been featured in Cowboys and Indians Magazine, March, 2004. Western Horseman Magazine, April, 2004


Guiding Philosophy: Paint what excites you. Listen to yourself. Keep loose and express how you feel with your art!

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