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Arizona artist honored by "Friends of Western Art"

Arizona painter Shawn Cameron has spent a lifetime as a rancher and has also been honored as an award-winning painter by numerous prestigious organizations throughout the Western world of fine art. In October, Shawn Cameron was honored to be guest speaker at Mountain Oyster Club's "Friends of Western Art" where her rich and nuanced journey came to life of being a 5th generation rancher (her son and daughters are the 6th working generation) while also becoming a revered painter of Western fine art. Shawn speaks of her process and inspiration, "Resource material is gathered from family members and other cowboys as they work. These captured memories become visual references. They are taken to my studio where they are studied, drawn, re-drawn and finally arranged on canvas...where the goal is "to grow in ability to portray the life few have experienced.” Shawn Cameron's paintings can be seen in museum collections such as The Pearce Western Art Museum, Corsicana, TX, and the Desert Caballeros Western Museum, Wickenburg, AZ, as well as in numerous Western fine art exhibitions, and can also be seen at Mountain Trails Gallery in Sedona, Arizona. Click to hear more from the artist's talk.

April's Child, 12 x 9 oil by Shawn Cameron available at Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona


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