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Color is Key in October's exhibition at Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona

As previewed by Sedona Red Rock News, "Colors of the West" at Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona celebrates traditional and contemporary paintings, sculpture, and mixed media work by a group of award-winning artists that often make color as much the subject as the prominent pictorial elements within the work. The panorama of subjects in the exhibition includes landscapes from the Grand Canyon, the red rocks of Sedona, the atmospheric scenes from all over the state, as well as still life paintings, portraits, and nature’s colorful wildlife. The choices of styles extend from plein air, to expressionistic, to contemporary geometric, to hyper realistic ways of seeing as each artist brings their own vision of what beauty means to them as they present compelling visuals found in today’s American West.

Colorful 3-dimensional work is a major part of the October exhibition "Colors of the West" and Raymond Gibby's bronze "Prickly Perch, American Kestrel" is a star attraction in the show. Also, colorful bronzes by Susan Kliewer and Jeremy Bradshaw stand out along with the exotic wooden treasure boxes by Hunter Baskins and the subtle color of semi-precious stone bracelets, necklaces, and earrings by Susan Adams all make our October celebration festive. Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona pays tribute, "A big THANK YOU to our Sedona Red Rock News for the beautiful full-page color article in their arts and culture magazine "The Scene". We are grateful for their good eye and informed coverage."

Prickly Perch, American Kestrel by Raymond Gibby, limited edition bronze, 20.5"hx 9.5"w x 11"d available at Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona


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