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'Colors of the West' features dynamic scenes from the land, the culture, and the wildlife

Featured in the October 4th issue of KudosAZ arts and culture magazine is the exhibition preview "Colors of the West" at Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona in the Village of Tlaquepaque. "The Grand Canyon has never been more alive than under the watchful eyes of painters who devote long stretches of time in order to capture the unpredictable conditions that can occur at a moment’s notice in this awe-inspiring place. The intrepid hikers Joshua Been, Bill Cramer, and Cody DeLong are intent upon presenting a variety of angles and unique spots uncommon to those that stay on the Canyon’s rim. In contrast, Marcia Molnar stays as close to the edge as possible, both night and day, no matter the weather, just to be there when the drama of rain, wind, lightning, clouds, and shadow quickly pass in order to sketch the fleeting beauty and even capture the mysteries that can unfold."

"Prominent in “Colors of the West” are the intensely detailed and tactile still life paintings of Arizona artist Sue Krzyston whose work brings a heightened sense of realism in the textures of the Native American artifacts from her collection. The raised beadwork found on moccasins and the surfaces of the Pueblo pottery in her paintings reveal the many layers of glazes that add depth and luminosity to her surfaces." Click here to read more

Journey Onward by Joshua Been, 24 x 24 oil available at Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona


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