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Lisa Danielle wins top award for 2-D art at Desert Caballeros Western Museum's "Cowgirl Up" exhibit

The top award for two-dimensional art at this year’s Cowgirl Up! exhibition at the Desert Caballeros Western Museum went to Mountain Trails Gallery artist Lisa Danielle for her intensely complex Native American-inspired still life painting of treasures and artifacts with the theme of faith and family. Lisa’s devotion to detail and vibrant color, along with her passion for keeping Western culture as well as Native American history in the forefront of our appreciation, always garners this artist a most deserved following of collectors and attention. Danielle speaks about her inspiration for her subjects, “Something resonates in an unknown place in the soul that causes a connection; a missing piece is then added back into the puzzle of who we are.” The gallery is proud to exhibit a range of Danielle’s still life paintings that make a strong statement about looking West for art that makes a difference.

"Indians for a Cowgirl" 18 x 14 acrylic by Lisa Danielle

available at Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona


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