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Mountain Trails features American Indian-themed exhibit

Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona is proud to be featured in the Sedona Red Rock News with Native American Inspired: Still Lifes and Figurative Stories. The February exhibition celebrates exceptional artists who create paintings, sculpture, and mixed media fine art inspired from their research and experiences with artifacts and objects as well as ceremonies, gatherings, and traditions. A remarkable legacy from Pueblo and tribal cultures is told by these award-winning artists as they bring old and new stories to life in a variety of still lifes, figurative characters, as well as living history and reenactments.

A highight of the article is the talented Western figurative painter Steven Lang, OPAM. Since 1996, Steven Lang’s main focus has been to depict the Old West through his visions on canvas. He pulls imagery from historical firsthand accounts and then uses his imagination to create visually dramatic works of art. His extensive involvement in living history reenactments allows him to have experiential knowledge of the day-to-day existence of the people that inhabited the American West, including Native Americans, pioneers, mountain men, cavalry and cowboys.

Painting a Vision, a 16 x 20 oil painting by Steven Lang, represents the exhibition with distinction. Lang has been a master signature member of the Oil Painters of American since 2002. He has been commissioned to create paintings for the National Park Service's National Historic Site in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and for the Fort Union National Monument in New Mexico. Thank you to Red Rock News in Sedona!


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