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Mountain Trails Gallery is proud to be home to Western sculptor Susan Kliewer

For more than 35 years, sculptor Susan Kliewer has been artist-in-residence at Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona working on her clay models for bronze and greeting art lovers and collectors of her detailed sculptures that tell stories about her experiences with the many Native American cultures as well as adventure stories of living in the American West. Over her stellar career, Susan has created close to 200 works in bronze including numerous garden size and monumental size sculptures for private and public collections throughout the US including in Hawaii. We are delighted to see Sedona Red Rock News has a front page feature about Susan Kliewer's remarkable journey to become one of the most beloved sculptors of Western art, including news about her upcoming monument installation which is a part of the City of Sedona's Art in Public Places, for their Art in the Roundabouts project. The article highlights Susan Kliewer's beginnings as the perfect embodiment of the adage "necessity is the mother of invention" while her life as a single mom propelled her to become the first women in the area to work in a bronze foundry. And from her 10-year foundry career, this revered artist found her own voice that speaks from the heart about so many of the inspirational stories about the beauty of the West.

Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona is honored to exhibit dynamic and colorful bronzes by Susan Kliewer including some of this award-winning sculptor's early works as well as her most recent creations. Read more on our website as well as in Sedona's Red Rock News.

IMAGE: Susan Kliewer working in clay on the balcony of Mountain Trails Gallery located in the old world Mexican style Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village in Sedona.


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