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Mountain Trails Gallery Spotlights Women Artists In New Exhibit ‘Doing What We Do Best’

Verde Valley News reports in "Mountain Trails Gallery is proud to celebrate its heritage of exhibiting paintings, sculpture, and mixed media art by some of the most insightful and spirited artists who recognize the complex and varied history of the American West. The exhibition “Doing What We Do Best” opens with a reception on First Friday, June 3, 4–7 p.m., and shines a light on a group of women artists who have been “telling it like it is” in their painting and sculpture and doing so with remarkable knowledge and deep experiences for decades.

From figurative storytellers to action-packed wildlife artists, to sensitive Native American painters and sculptors, to metal artists, these women love the West as their passionate point of view adds exuberance and a wholehearted intelligence to all their work. Whether conveying their experiences in a traditional style or a more contemporary mode, it is always festive to see what these remarkable artists are presenting." [In addition to Western traditional paintings by Vicki Catapano, Lisa Danielle, Sarah Phippen, Maria D'Angelo, and Sue Krzyston, contemporary paintings by Tamara Rymer, and sculpture by Susan Kliewer and Deborah Copenhaver Fellows...] "The gallery is also festive with landscape paintings by such notable artists as Linda Glover Gooch, Michelle Condrat, Susie Hyer, Marcia Molnar, Susanne Nyberg, and Betty Carr, as well as a group of remarkable wildlife artists, mixed media collectibles by Cheri Cappello, and one-of-a-kind jewelry of Susan Adams and Nancy Neumann. This highlight of what women artists have been doing all along is a perfect complement to the other half of the West whose work is no less fascinating and profound. The exhibition continues through the month of June.

Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona, located at 336 SR 179, upstairs Suite A201 in Tlaquepaque, is proud to exhibit work by their more than 50 extraordinary artists working in painting, sculpture, and mixed media fine art, as they all contribute to making this gallery a destination for collectors, enthusiasts, and visitors for all over the world. For more information contact the gallery at 928-282-3225,,, Instagram at #mountaintrailssedona, Facebook @MTGSedona."

‘Song of the Sage’ by Vicki Catapano, 6 x 8 oil at Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona

Long-time Western realist Vicki Catapano is a rich storytelling painter whose in-depth knowledge and experience allows for a high degree of detail as she honors Western horsemanship history in her complex painting “Song of the Sage”. This 6” x 8” oil closeup is so named from the Buckaroo’s use of the Spade Bit, a specialized handmade bit which uses a roller or cricket to produce saliva in the horse’s mouth. As the horse rolls the bit, this creates a pretty clicking sound with the tongue. In particular, Vicki shines a light on the historic Spanish Conquistador Spade Bit tradition, used in “Californio” shows, by focusing on this engraved trophy bit, as well as on the topography of the high desert sage and the Nevada Buckaroo tradition in which she was trained. Vicki understands that only highly trained horses and riders are truly prepared to use this sensitive method. The high degree of detail and intensity of information in each of her paintings make her work sought after by experienced Western collectors.


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