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‘Ranch Life Is The Good Life’ Celebrated At Mountain Trails Gallery

Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona is proud to be featured in the online and print publication of the arts and culture magazine KudosAZ which spotlights the gallery's new exhibition "Ranch Life is the Good Life" featuring the many talented artists who have backgrounds in ranching and farming, including those engaged in cowgirl and cowboy traditions. All these artists have, at one time or another, experienced what it means to work the land as well as care for the animals, and those affinities have brought a particular kind of effervescence and uplifting beauty to their paintings and sculpture. A number of these artists continue to thrive in the specialty lifestyle that they depict in their artwork, and their authenticity in this arena and beyond continues to bring recognition and honors to their work. In addition, the gallery is proud to celebrate another group of artists who create irresistible landscapes from the wide-open spaces and pastoral scenes from all across the West

IMAGE: "Teal Barn Flanked" 24 x 48 oil by Simon Winegar available at Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona


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