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Remarkable Women Artists "Doing What They Do Best" featured in Western Art Collector Magazine

"Mountain Trails Gallery in Sedona, Arizona is widely known for artworks that capture the complexities of the American West. In the gallery's June sale, Doing What They Do Best, the gallery presents a mix of contemporary and traditional pieces, many by esteemed female artists committed to "telling their truth." Through a varied selection of paintings and sculptures depicting still lifes, landscapes, portraits and wildlife works, the show upholds the telling of the female perspective of the West.

"More than half our artists have always been women who bring their own experiences with various cultures of the American West to their work," explains gallery director Julie R. Williams. "This show highlights the nature of fierce determination, doing what they do best, making it all look unsentimental and, at the same time, realistic, poignant and memorable."

More artists are featured in the June 2022 issue of Western Art Collector magazine...

"Alive With History" by Sue Krzyston, 24 x 30 oil at Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona


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