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Sedona Monthly explores the world of wildlife artist Ans Carnes

Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona is delighted to see their colorful wildlife artist Ans Carnes, known for her energetic hummingbirds and more, is featured in the Open Portfolio of Sedona Monthly's June/July issue. With so many insights into what it means for her to answer a childhood calling to be an artist, Ans lives each day with awareness of the energies of life, and brings her experiences to her vibrant and colorful paintings and sculpture. Ans is especially captivated with the energetic movement of hummingbirds, which she said, are not found where she grew up in Bavaria. Now they fly in and out of the open door and windows of her studio in the mountains of Prescott on regular basis, and each moment is an opportunity to bring that powerful momentum of life to her work. Ans also finds horses, people, and other birds and animals an uplifting subject to paint, especially when the inspiration takes over and expresses their unique gifts of sparkling spirit.

Paintings by Ans Carnes are available at Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona


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