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The "Qualities of Light" on exhibit at Mountain Trails Gallery featured in Western Art Collector

Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona's exhibition Treasures & Objects of Delight is featured in the December issue of Western Art Collector as they highlight remarkable paintings by a group of the gallery's traditional and contemporary artists. The magazine's feature article Qualities of Light is a focus on the variety of outstanding ways of depicting the effects of light on the landscape. The award-winning artist Linda Glover Gooch is one of the featured artists with her painting The Golden Hour as she speaks to Western Art Collector about her new work, "This painting, fueled by elements of light,...was inspired by the beautiful warmth that spread across the horizon as the sun was setting...and the contrast of the deep blue sky complementing the was one of those awe moments. I've found over the years that sunsets have a way of doing that, quieting the soul and making one sit in silence and awe."

Approximately 50 works of art will be on display from masterful paintings of objects to delightful treasures in bronze along with many more surprises from which to choose.

Image: The Golden Hour 9 x 12 oil by Linda Glover Gooch is available at Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona


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