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Treasure Hunt features the Realism of Sue Krzyston at Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona

As featured in the arts and culture magazine KudosAZ, A Treasure Hunt of Beautiful Things showcases a bounty of choices in fine art and hand-made objects that bring the spirit of the season to this festive opening. Offerings in paintings, sculpture, and a variety of mixed media work includes stone and metal jewelry, sculpture stands and tables, exotic wooden keepsake boxes, and a new collection of exceptional giclee works on canvas. Another bright spot in the celebration is the Small Works Group Show which continues throughout the month of December with new additions of traditional and contemporary choices from a number of the gallery’s award-winning artists.

The gallery is especially proud to present a special feature Sue Krzyston: Realism/Super Realism in Artifact Painting among the treasures to be found, which will showcase this artist’s new body of still life paintings, including several small luminous works on canvas. The artist’s focus on Native American cultures reveals life-like details of each artifact with fine brush work, as she captures a kind of realism in the textures and surface luster that makes the tactile sensation of touch almost irresistible."

A Meeting of Cultures, 24 x 30 oil by Sue Krzyston available at Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona

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