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Sherry Cobb-Kelleher

I am part of the Western Heritage I celebrate in my realistic paintings. My experiences growing up and living on the ranch allow me to use the gifts God has given me. Through these gifts I authentically convey the complexity and the honor of the partnership between ranchers, the land and the animals he gave them to steward. Each day is a gift that I treasure as I strive to capture those special, but otherwise missed moments of ranch life, moments that poignantly highlight the struggle for the tenuous and beautiful balance that we call life.

About Morning Stretch:

"This piece captures the moment a baby gets up from a nap and does the BIG stretch that you can almost feel while watching them.  It has always reminded me of a ballerina movement, standing on their tippy toes, chest out and head held high in that frozen moment, before they start the next move in the dance.  Our connection with animals is often in their reaction and movements that mimic ours. Horses move with such beauty and grace, even stretching after waking up, as we do."

More paintings coming soon!

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