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Susan Adams

One-of-a-kind, artisan-crafted jewelry with semi-precious stones

Susan Adams is an artist living in Sedona, Arizona. ​Her intention is to uplift, and to bring joy and beauty to those who wear her pieces. One of the wonderful things she does as an artist is to weave leather and metal, incorporating semi-precious stones into an intricate one-of-a-kind pattern of colors, textures, and objects. Vintage buttons are a fun and unique addition to her work, as well as fine hammered metal pieces, silver soldered designs and antique silver pendants from Persia, Tibet and Morocco. Hours of meticulously focused workmanship are dedicated to joyfully create designs with innovation and ever new discoveries.  Every component evokes the unconditional commitment and gentle touch of hand-craftsmanship. It takes both pristine inspiration and exquisite precision to create a susieQsedona design.  ​


“There is intrigue and surprise in every design!” –susieQsedona collector

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