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Arizona's Grand Canyon & Sedona's Red Rocks make fine art headlines

The current issue of the arts, culture, and entertainment magazine "The Scene" published by Sedona Red Rock News highlights new art at Mountain Trails Gallery with a spectacular Grand Canyon painting "Singin' in the Rain" by Arizona contemporary artist Marcia Molnar as their cover story. This dramatic panorama at the South Rim captures an impending storm with a striking slash of light that carries with it the promise of a rainbow which is a part of the serendipity and grandeur this artist experiences on her numerous adventures.

The magazine’s article also features Mountain Trails Gallery’s contemporary landscape artist Gregory Stocks with his 48 x 60 oil “Late Day Red Rock” as the magazine unfolds a story on the gallery’s 40 award-winning artists along with new artist Jerry Salinas who is known for his own developed contemporary style of abstracted realism. The gallery invites all to begin with the area’s source for arts and entertainment in Sedona and the Verde Valley as they welcome visitors and collectors from not only the region, but across the U.S., and from all over the globe to their celebration of fine art during the month of June.

"Singin' in the Rain" DETAIL of 36 x 48 oil by Marcia Molnar available at Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona

"Late Day Red Rocks" 48 x 60 oil by Gregory Stocks available at Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona


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