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Introducing Lydia Gatzow, impressionistic landscape oil painter and plein air colorist

Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona opens their Spring season with "Perspectives from the Grand Canyon and the West" as they introduce Sedona artist Lydia Gatzow who finds fascination with Sedona’s mesmerizing landscapes as well as its special locations that give off a deeper, spiritual meaning for the artist.   So many sights and experiences in this exceptionally unique area inspire her brush with colorful and painterly strokes of immediacy and a connection to place.  Filled with curiosity and an insatiable love of beauty, Lydia has traveled to parts of Europe including the UK and France, all across the US including at least 10 national parks from California to New York, to the Northeast and the Southwest, finally finding her home in Sedona.

Kudos Arts and Culture Magazine's recent online edition features Lydia Gatzow's painting My Backyard which brings attention to the celebration of beauty in Arizona, and especially to the unique town of Sedona by this energetic artist. "Many of us come to the desert seeking or longing for something greater than ourselves. There is a spiritual quality to be discovered here that I am always pointing towards in my work. I paint primarily outdoors on site, where I am guided by intuition, the elements of nature, and a profound appreciation for the red rock wilderness," spoke the artist about her intention. Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona is proud to present artists who create interesting vantage points and ways of seeing the beauty of the West. The exhibition continues through the month of March at their gallery in Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village in Sedona.  

My Backyard 9 x 12 oil by Lydia Gatzow is available at Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona


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