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Western Art Collector Magazine previews springtime exhibition at Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona...

featuring Mark Edward Adams, Lisa Danielle, Susanne Nyberg and Pedro Ramos.

"The American West is recognized for its beautiful variations in terrain, everything from the desert vistas to the lush forestry of places such as Yellowstone National Park. Across the West: Details and Impressions at Mountain Trails Gallery in Sedona, Arizona, artists will show the fine details and stories of this dynamic region through paintings and bronze sculpture," writes Western Art Collector magazine in their March 2022 issue. "'This springtime exhibition is an opportunity to showcase the range of remarkable art available at our gallery, including several new artists who are passionate about telling their stories and experiences. Whether it is realism with awe-inspiring detail or through a more personal, expressionistic style, our artists focus on uplifting beauty all across the West, and that is always worthy of celebrating,'" spoke Julie R. Williams, Director. Exhibition reception March 4, 4- 7pm.


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