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Artists have answered the "Call of the Wildlife" at Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona

The arts and culture magazine KudosAZ is featuring a preview of the new exhibition which opens September 1st: Mountain Trails Gallery, located in the Village of Tlaquepaque in Sedona, is delighted to present ‘Call of the Wildlife’ in an annual celebration of artists who are passionate about animals, both wild and domestic, and many of these artists also have a fascination with the beauty and intrigue of the avian world. As the gallery shines a light on award-winning artists who share their extraordinary encounters with an array of wildlife, a spectacular variety of oil, colored pencil, watercolor, as well as bronze sculpture takes center stage in this show of uplifting fine art. Mountain Trails Gallery has been a destination for wildlife art for more than 40 years with artists showing not only landscapes, scenes and characters from Western history, as well as domestic ranching animals, and wildlife has always been prominent in their paintings and sculpture. Read more in KudosAZ

IMAGE: Good Luck Chuck by Jeremy Bradshaw, bronze at Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona


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