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Landscape artist Michelle Condrat is honored at the Grand Canyon Celebration of Art

Contemporary landscape artist Michelle Condrat has received the 2023 People's Choice Award for a remarkable body of work at the Grand Canyon Celebration of Art which takes place in September at the Canyon's South Rim. Michelle Condrat has also received the honor in 2022 and received the Best of Show Award at their 2021 plein air celebration.

Mountain Trails Gallery is proud to represent this gifted and hard working artist and is honored to showcase her unique and compelling works of art at their location in Tlaquepaque Arts and Shopping Village in Sedona. Michelle Condrat is known for her complex constructed perspective and vibrant colors as she intuits the intricate geometry in nature that shines through in her paintings. Her distinctive style has been referred to as "digital" or "architectural" as she goes about building linear layers with a symphony of blended paint strokes. In addition, Michelle's style reveals a sense of movement in the scene, as the eyes tune in to the motion and depth of the plants and trees that seemingly flicker and create a felt sense of being there. A truly unique artist, Michelle Condrat captures a fresh visual perspective that reveals the essence of uplifting joy that no technology can even approximate.

River Lookout 11 x 14 oil by Michelle Condrat available at Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona


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