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Sue Krzyston's still life work featured in Western Art Collector

Highly detailed still life paintings that stand out in the world of realism, in part, describes Arizona artist Sue Krzyston who appreciates collectors who see her otherwise quiet life as an contribution to the world of Western art. "Your ability to bring artifacts to life in two-dimensional art is phenomenal. The creation of textures and capturing light and shadow at the tip of your paintbrush is a gift that always delights the eyes of the beholder," quotes Western Art Collector magazine from one of this artist's collectors. The article in their October 2023 issue goes on to describe the journey of this artist that began collecting Native American pottery with a small Santa Clara black pot, and from there, the artist would discover a new world of focus as this unsuspecting purchase would turn into gathering an extensive selection of subject matter for her undiscovered artistic talent.

Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona is proud to offer a selection of extraordinary paintings by Sue Krzyston whose work brings a heightened sense of realism in the textures of all the objects, especially the raised beadwork in a number of her paintings. Her many layers of glazes adds to the depth and luminous quality of her oils which are achieved with a remarkably steady hand. Seeing the work in person adds an experiential level beyond any digital approximation.

Infused with Light, 30 x 24 oil by Sue Krzyston is available at Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona


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