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Contemporary landscape artist Michelle Condrat Podcast Interview

A Podcast Interview with outdoor enthusiast and contemporary landscape painter Michelle Condrat sponsored by Western Art Collector Magazine brings the unique and colorful paintings by this artist to the attention of collectors and admirers:  Click here to listen: 1/9/24 Ep. 238 - American Art Collective Podcast with Michelle Condrat - "From Salt Lake City, Utah, Michelle joins us from her studio where she talks about how growing up in Utah with the vast landscapes and national parks influenced her work. She walks us through her technique to achieve her unique style that has been described as "digital" with a vibrantly colorful palette that is rooted in reality with a touch of something magical. She shares with us how she shifted from contemporary realism to contemporary impressionism, where people can see her work and so much more!"

Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona is proud and honored to have some of the most vibrant paintings of the Grand Canyon and Sedona by contemporary landscape painter Michelle Condrat which shows her awe-inspiring way of seeing beauty and the wonders of the West.

A View of Inspiration 12x24 oil by Michelle Condrat available at Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona.


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