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"Made in Arizona" opens the New Year at Mountain Trails Gallery Sedona, featured in

Mountain Trails Gallery in Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village is looking forward to a new year of bright possibilities with a compelling exhibition “Made in Arizona,” which continues through January.

This new gathering of remarkable artwork shines a spotlight on artists who celebrate our state with paintings, sculpture, furniture, jewelry, and mixed media objects that reflect the beauty of place and are inspired by the history and culture of Arizona.

The treasured sights and experiences to be found in Arizona energize those artists who live here year-round as well as those who come specifically to capture its unique character.

From heart-warming interpretations of pioneers and ranching, to the spiritual nature of the Native American culture, to the remarkable life found in the deserts, canyons, and panoramas, to the pristine light and colors of landscapes that bring a profound sense of awe, these artists somehow make the world stand still for a moment to behold its wondrous beauty. Read more in



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